About Gary Bullard
Gary Bullard PortraitIn 1976, I founded Bullard Construction in Key West, Florida. There was a real need for a fair-priced residential contractor to serve the incoming retirement community and I worked to provide affordable homes to suit their needs.

My advertising was word of mouth, and Bullard Construction flourished, leading to the my expansion into commercial projects as well. I owned and operated my company there until 1988, when (with a budding family) I longed for the four-seasons I had grown up with in Illinois. That brought me to the beautiful Eastern Shore, where I joined the commercial building world as a superintendent for 16 years.

Service Area MapIn 2008, I decided to start up Gary Bullard Construction Co. again, this time including a new passion of mine: Home Inspections! It is with pride that I can now serve this wonderful community as an independent contractor and Certified Home Inspector.